An Accessibility-First Approach To Chart Visual Design

Have you heard the claim that designing for accessibility leads to a better outcome for everyone? Here’s a story about how an accessibility-first approach led to an overall better visual design for a chart. In 2018, Kent was a founding member of Google Cloud’s first dedicated data visualization team. Kai joined shortly after the team … Read more

Web Design Done Well: Delightful Data Visualization Examples

They say we are entering the Data Age. There’s certainly enough of the stuff about. Between analytics, public records, and the slow yet steady growth of the Semantic Web, millions of data points are at our fingertips, just waiting to have their stories told. Telling captivating stories with data is easier said than done. Spreadsheets … Read more

The Guide To Windows High Contrast Mode

When we talk about accessibility, we tend to talk about many things — such as dark mode, keyboard navigation, prefers-reduced-motion, and screen readers — but there is one thing that does not receive that much attention: Windows High Contrast Mode (from now on, abbreviated as WHCM). This is a tendency I have seen in some … Read more